Your feet are the foundation of your entire body, and as such, foot health and maintenance are vitally important for an enjoyable and pain-free life.

It was this reasoning, in 2019, that got Neatsy CEO, Artem Semyanov pondering how he could utilize technology to improve foot health & sneaker fit, with a simple app that anyone could use.

Almost immediately, he realized that while online shoe sales were continuing to grow, there wasn’t an easy way for buyers to remotely (and quickly) determine their best sneaker fits.

Furthermore, there was no way for those suffering from lower-body pain, to assess whether they may have a common foot malady that could be causing said pain.

Since that day, Neatsy’s goal has been to use Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR) and Machine Learning (ML), to help their users streamline the sneaker fitting process,, as well as, improve their overall foot health…all with just an iPhone.

Formerly leader of the machine learning team at the wildly successful Prisma Labs, Semyanov is now heading up an elite engineer-heavy team, committed to democratizing healthcare and revolutionizing the shopping experience, with the help of AI technology.

For sneaker brands and retailers, Neatsy’s patented technology significantly improves how shoes are rated for fit; resulting in better fitting footwear, more confident purchases, and fewer returns.

Neatsy is the future of fit.