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Neatsy CEO, Artem Semyanov was shopping online for sneakers, when the idea popped into his head.

Footwear technology and popularity, were at an all-time high, yet, the UX to purchase footwear, and get the "right fit," was virtually unchanged...and from that realization, Neatsy was born.

Neatsy’s goal has always been to provide shoppers with a new consumer experience, that results in better shopping and health outcomes.

Instead of relying on archaic sizing charts, Neatsy makes recommendations based on artificial intelligence and machine learning - taking personal measurements, cross-referenced with hundreds of thousands of shoe measurements, and the foot measurements of others who purchased similar shoes…all with just a smartphone.

Formerly head of the machine learning team, at the wildly successful Prisma Labs, Semyanov is now heading up an elite engineer-heavy team, committed to revolutionizing how consumers shop and in short, find their “perfect fit.”

Neatsy’s patented technology utilizes a dynamic trio of AI, AR, and ML, significantly improving how shoes (and soon, apparel) are rated for fit, relative to the consumer's actual measurements; resulting in better shopping experiences, more confident purchases, and fewer returns.

Neatsy is the future of fit.