Adidas Crazy 1 "Sunshine" restock

Adidas Crazy 1 "Sunshine" restock

The Adidas Crazy 1  "Sunshine is synonymous with the late basketball player, a design that divides the sporting community yet simultaneously has brought them together over their shared love for Kobe, who died in 2020. Now, after a small drop in April, the pair is set to arrive yet again for a wider release.

Of course, this sneaker comes in the unmissable combination of "Team Yellow",
"Iron Metallic" and "Core Black", working the sculptural synthetic textile upper with the bold "Sunshine". The spaceship offering wears its Three Stripes deeply embedded into the structural uppers, leading the eye to a smooth "Iron Metallic" sole unit that doubles as a bumper around the shoe.

Elsewhere, a "Core Black" heel tab with Adidas logo works the rear, blending into the neoprene-like sock inner that’s ergonomically designed to keep your foot snugly in place while wearing them on the court. This brings us back to the front of the shoe where a tongue is kitted out in yellow laces and a toe bumper graces the pair with ridges.

As expected, this sneaker will retail for $140 USD. Take a closer look at it above, and pick up the Adidas Crazy 1 from Adidas's website and stores on October 22.

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Jamie Larson