Air Jordan 37 "Hare" has a release date

Air Jordan 37 "Hare" has a release date

Jordan Brand‘s current lineup of signature kicks that take inspiration from past models, Air Jordan 37 is set to release in the "Hare" colorway. The silhouette takes key design notes from Air Jordan 7 "Hare" which was last released in 2015.

The key inspiration for Air Jordan 37 sees remnants of Jordan 7 designs surrounding the outsole and tongue. The shoe is constructed with a lightweight material using a translucent leno-weave and exoskeleton for additional support. The midsole also features a double-stacked Zoom bag that is situated at the forefoot as well as a carbon fiber plate at the midfoot and Formula 23 Foam for the heel for added comfort and stability.

Air Jordan 37 "Hare" is slated to hit select retailers on September 29 and on Nike for $185.

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Jamie Larson