What's wrong with my feet?

What's wrong with my feet?

One of the most common foot diseases is a flat valgus deformity, which most often brings us to the orthopedist's office with complaints of foot pain.
Part of the changes coursed by this disease is flat feet, when there is no curve in the sole between the toe and heel and the entire sole of the foot touches the ground. But that's not all what happens to the foot with such a deformation. The shin and heel are not located along the same axis, but in an X-shape, and the foot collapses inward. Because of this, the loads on the inner edge of the foot and on the base of the first toe increases. These parts of the foot become gradually deformed, and the ligaments and tendons become overloaded. Feet start to hurt.

Why do our legs are changing this way?

Partially one can blame a sedentary lifestyle. But the main reason is the wrong footwear.

People began to use shoes for the health of the feet: to protect them from the cold and damage. Incorrectly chosen shoes from early childhood fetter the joints in our feet and block their movements. When the joints are not moving, they do not send the signal to the muscles to be active. And muscles that don't work become weak and atrophy. So the more free position the feet develop, the better the muscles are developed.

Therefore, do not forget that properly fitting shoes will help to avoid major foot problems. Timely diagnostics will help diagnose flat-valgus deformity at an early stage.