Nike Pegasus Turbo Next Nature “5 Borough Tour”

Nike Pegasus Turbo Next Nature “5 Borough Tour”

The Nike Pegasus Turbo Next Nature is a fairly-novel addition to the Nike Running lineup of products, but it’s quickly garnered a loyal fanbase due to its sustainability and performance accomplishments.

Recently, the ZoomX-cushioned silhouette emerged in a special “5 Borough Tour” colorway that’s sure to capture attention during any of the sanctioned or unofficial races taking place across New York City for the remainder of the year. Black and green-colored FlyKnit (f which 100% is recycled yarn) make up the bulk of the sneaker, with hits of vibrant crimson joining the mix via swoosh logos and other accents. Midsoles and traction don’t deliver much on the aesthetics-front, but are attractive when viewed through the lens of eco-consciousness and performance given the years of testing that's gone into not only the Nike Pegasus line, but also the brand’s future-forward tooling solutions.

Enjoy official images of the pair ahead, and anticipate a launch as the end of 2022 inches closer.

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Jamie Larson