How Neatsy's smart AI scanner works?

How Neatsy's smart AI scanner works?

No, it’s not magic! Neatsy’s patented 3D scanning technology is the result of several years of software development & engineering. After users scan their feet (2 images per foot), we create a “point cloud” and subsequently measure based on various parameters, including: length, width, girth, arch height, etc.

We then compare those measurements to that of a similar 3D foot point cloud, already in our database, then compare the size of that foot, with footwear manufacturers’ data, and user feedback on particular sneaker models (do they run big, small, wide or narrow), and based on all those components, we recommend the right size.  In practice, the more data and feedback we have, the more accurately we can recommend size and comfort.

What is Neatsy FitRating?

To assess comfort, we've introduced a “FitRating” which shows how comfortable a sneaker is for a foot similar to yours. FitRating is based on more than 10,000 feedback entries from our customers and partners. We collect these reviews, weed out the low-percentage ones, analyze the rest, and then establish an overall FitRating between 3.0 and 5.0. For example, FitRating = 3.0 means that most people with feet like yours voted that this pair of sneakers was extremely uncomfortable. The more reviews we have on a particular sneaker model, the more accurately we can calculate FitRating.

How do we personalize the rating?

We look for users whose foot parameters and health features are similar to yours, and give them priority. We do give slightly more weight to the feedback we get from podiatrists and athletes, however, we ultimately prioritize the opinion of the majority of respondents in the final FitRating

The scanning feature is available on iPhone X and newer (excluding SE).