Adidas Crazy 1 "Stormtrooper" has a release date

Adidas Crazy 1 "Stormtrooper" has a release date

The 2000’s Adidas Crazy 1 “Stormtrooper” is now preparing its return. Originally called The Kobe, the classic Kobe Bryant signature sneaker was created by Eirik Lund Nielson who took inspiration from the Audi TT.

Coming as an unconventional release from the court shoes at the time, the upcoming Adidas Crazy 1 consists of white molded synthetic uppers with debossed three-stripe detailing on sidewalls. Black double foam collars wrap around the ankles and other defining features contain a half-shell toe, torsion system, translucent spoiler on the heel, white midsoles from EVA material, and black textured outsoles.

Take a closer look at the Adidas Crazy 1 “Stormtrooper” above and expect the pairs to release on July 21st at select retailers for $120 USD.

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Jamie Larson