Asics "ACTIBREEZE" 3D Printed Slides

Asics "ACTIBREEZE" 3D Printed Slides

Following the Adidas Adilette slides and the recent boom in mules and laceless footwear, ASICS has officially presented its new ACTIBREEZE 3D silhouette featuring a breathable 3D-printed honeycomb build. The debut iteration is found in black monochrome with rounded edges and undulating open mesh perforations.

Design accents include a diagonal groove that runs across the strap section alongside an ASICS mesh logo and a diamond-shaped matrix on the footbed. The pairs are said to slowly adapt to individual foot contours, featuring a soft, cushioned, and elastic wear feeling. ASICS debuted their 3D slippers in the athlete's village at the Tokyo Olympics and continued optimizing the pairs to aid athletes in post-competition and recovery. The open-grid structure allows heat dissipation and ventilation and is engineered to relieve muscle fatigue.

ACTIBREEZE 3D Sandals were released on the ASICS website and at select retailers for $80 USD.

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Jamie Larson