Balmain Unicorn "Multicolor"

Balmain Unicorn "Multicolor"

Balmain’s Unicorn is the latest silhouette to join the house’s experimental array of sneakers.

Tapping into the futuristic aesthetic of Blade Runner as well as inspiration drawn from Don Aronow’s aerodynamic speed boats, the conceptual sneaker combines layers of angled shapes to create a stacked yet streamlined silhouette.

Using the house’s innovative tech, the curved sole is crafted from eight sectional molds that come together to encase the brand’s shock absorber cushioning system. Across the body of the Unicorn the tiered look is continued with loop-shaped panels of matte rubber which are placed on top of the sneaker inner.

The Unicorn is available to buy now on the Balmain website, with prices starting at $1,195.

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Jamie Larson