How to get ready and run your first 10K

How to get ready and run your first 10K

The main ways of preparation and running plan for joggers who can easily run 5K, but wanna get their feet wet at running 10K.

One of the ways for joggers to improve their running abilities is giving 10K a try. So we are going to share some tips and work-out plans on how to reach this goal.

Introduction to basics

Well, you can already run 5K, maybe have taken part in some competitions or it takes you less than 30 min to get to a finish line (which is great). So now your next milestone is trying 10K.
Essentially, what running 10K means for your newly adjusted body is being able to run for an hour without switching to walking. The main principle here is running at a pace that makes you feel comfortable enough to talk without gasping for air and not concentrating on the speed.

What helps you stay driven by jogging for that distance is finishing your workout knowing that you could do a bit more and having strength left yet waiting till the next run to stay motivated.

When it comes to getting started, warm-up is the key, not forgetting about joint exercises and easy running. Then it is followed by a hitch consisting of a 10 min slow run helping your heart and blood vessels to adjust to this activity.

Next step- choosing the right sneakers and clothes. Prior to that, you might need to be checked by a cardiologist and orthopedist to make sure you don’t need special inner soles which might help to avoid any future injury or pain.

Recovery is equally important thus a good massage and sauna can be beneficial for your trauma-protection along with a nice sleep and rest.

Getting ready for a race is much more engaging and easy if you have teammates to jog with so joining a running club could be a nice idea. And if you happen to choose to train on your own we have an approximate work-out plan for you.

10K preparation plan

For the best performance we run every other day where the last day has the longest distance: like on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

All the other days of the week try to concentrate on activities for recovery like swimming or yoga. A day a week should definitely be dedicated to doing nothing as progress comes during rest time but make sure not to get too much into it.

If you are already used to running 5-6K then you can switch to the part of the plan where these kinds of loads are regular.

Run day. Description of the action

Here are some suggestions for those who are ready to run for some time rather than just seeing the finish line.

  • For a good start, you need to be clear-eyed about your capabilities by running for let's say 5 km and then measuring the time to calculate the estimated result.
  • Don’t forget to explore the route prior to the start to know the coverage, changes in height etc. and avoid any accidents.
  • One of the best strategies for running a 10km distance is keeping pace all the time.  If you set a goal of 50 minutes, then each kilometer must be run within 5-7 minutes.
  • It’s a common mistake when you run faster at the start driven by adrenaline but later suffer because the strength was not calculated.  Therefore it is recommended to run the first kilometer slower, then switch to a medium pace in the middle and speed up towards the end.
  • Get ready the day prior: get a number and prepare everything you might need: sneakers, clothing, number. Dress yourself according to weather conditions to avoid overheating. Don’t put on a new pair of sneakers to prevent pain and blisters and better stick to the ones that you have already used for training.
  • It’s a good idea to avoid fatty or greasy breakfast the day of the race like meat, milk. The best you can do is to eat a banana or an oatmeal. You can even skip your breakfast if you feel good.
  • You should arrive at the location at least an hour in advance to have enough time to take care of finding a storage space, changing your clothes and having around 30 min to warm-up and go to the bathroom if it is needed.
  • Don’t push it to run with the pros as we are not setting a world record.

Believe in yourself and you're gonna succeed! We wish you to be fleet on foot.