Jordan Brand launches the Hex Mule SP

Jordan Brand launches the Hex Mule SP

Jordan Brand continues to innovate with the debut of the Jordan Hex Mule SP in "Light Silver". This new mule design is perfect for women looking for a stylish and comfortable shoe.

The hexagonal base of the Jordan Hex Mule SP gives it a unique look compared to other mules. The slightly raised midsole and Jumpman logo on the heel complete the silhouette. The uppers are made of sugarcane-based foam, and feature a closed-toe design with two slits for ventilation and textured interiors. The squared, grooved bottoms add to the overall style of the shoe.

Check out the Jordan Hex Mule SP and be one of the first to own a pair. The "Light Silver" colorway will be available in February through Titolo Shop and select retailers, with a price tag of $69 USD. Later this year, additional colorways such as "Celestial Gold", "University Red", and "Sea Coral", as well as a "Black" iteration with Billie Eilish, are expected to hit the market.

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Jamie Larson